We as Aska Company, meticulously manufacture in our company by combining advanced technology with many years of experience.

We move the standard to top levels by Cnc machines in our manufacturing line, laser technologies and other equipments and we offer the excellence to you, our esteemed customers.

As known, gold mining is a difficult process. This process is the most important factor that determines the price of gold. Exploration and extraction stages and its scarcity make gold's value higher. Because we closely follow these difficult and labor-filled processes, use all of the factors in gold manufacturing in order to lower and decrease the price of gold and work full with our effort to offer our unique designs.

Today, especially in our country, gold is an investment vehicle, as well as indispensable in jewellery sector. The biggest reason of its indispensability is its worth, and having the same sparkle for years, if maintained correctly, and having the same worth, even gaining worth.

Aska company considers gold as love and as in our motto, we invite you in Love from Gold.