As long as you maintain correctly, gold always has its elegance and first day sparkle for years, as long as you do the maintenance we recommend as follows, it'll have the first day sparkle.

1-) Cover inside of a bowl completely with aluminum foil, it's necessary to avoid contact of gold to a steel or same bowl.  Add salt by two tablespoons, water by one glass in this bowl and stir. Minerals in the salt will remove bad spots of gold.

2-) Add water in the bowl and heat it. When water starts boiling, add some dishwashing soap (detergent) and stir. Immerse your jewelry such as golden bracelets, rings, earrings, etc. in boiling water by a holder like tongs, and wait. Scrub the jewelry waited in water by a toothbrush.

3-) Add 15 grams of grated soap and 100 grams of ammonia in one liter of water. Immerse the jewelry to be maintained in water and wait for half an hour. Then rinse with cold water. After rinse, you may polish by rubbing with a piece of clean leather.

4-) You may use carbonate to polish your golden jewelry. By rubbing without pressing too much, your golden jewelry will be brighter.